Bad Credit? No problem!

Today is Halloween day, which has always been a personal favorite. I babysat last night for some friends who visited a haunted house. So I watched Sing and Toy Story until one a.m. and then laid my head down around two.

This morning as I was having my coffee, I was thinking about something that apparently scares me the most- being broke. I thought about the possibilities of what I would do in a different situation. Then I realized how many people I know who openly talk about things like this on a regular basis.

The truth is, I am surrounded by men and women who are gifted in the art of carpentry and yet the majority find themselves settling for prefab or manufactured homes solely based on cost. If given the opportunity to purchase a plot of land, I wonder what these people would build with their own hands. Many who have been awarded this opportunity have built impressive structures, built to withstand tornadoes.

I cannot count the number of people I know who have openly expressed their ideas for saving energy, or using natural materials in building. One engineer carved his home out of the side of a mountain, and the steel beam work and air system is outstanding, while the natural rock formations on the exterior are just breathtaking. There are so many brilliant minds and callused hands around this region and the vultures in suits are circling above.

I dream of building my own house some day and passing out candy to the kids who make it past the magnolia tree.

Happy Halloween.

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