Today started out with my very first therapy session. It was a basic get to know you in a nutshell hour which I fully expected and was somewhat prepared for. It all went well and I enjoyed meeting my new therapist and she was, of course, very gracious and kind- and already giving me words I feel I had been missing internally.

My mind is a strange place. When you have lived thirty years in one small place, a place where everybody knows your name (and full background), it can be incredibly challenging to get through and around major life events- especially events that didn’t just impact you directly, but also, an entire school or church (not random examples).

Tonight, I learned that my daughter is being bullied at school. Now a Junior, this is the first time either of us is hearing about this type of behavior from her peers. She is autistic, and social situations can be harder to navigate. She enjoys school because of the wealth of information she is taking in, not because of the cliques- which, by the way, are generations old.

I explained to her that other people’s opinions of what she may or may not do or who she is or isn’t may confuse her or hurt her feelings (she is the sweetest person I have ever met in my entire life), but she should always reassure herself of the truth. Lashing out, getting revenge, or any other negative reactions would probably result in negative consequences- thereby worsening the situation. I encouraged her to continue being her true self, and any time a situation arises, to seek assistance from a trusted adult and always come to me for any reason. We hugged, we cried, we smiled, we laughed, we moved forward. That is what peacemakers do.

After completing my bedtime wind down process, I decided to do that thing I do every so often. I randomly flipped open my Bible, and my eyes read James chapter 3, verses 13 through 18. And so, I cried and smiled some more.

Sweet dreams, Peacemakers

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