Enneagram Types

One of my good friends hosts a radio show centered around achieving and maintaining overall quality health. I used to help provide insight relating to mental health and mental health awareness on her weekly show, contributing any professional or personal experiences as they might relate to any certain topic. One of the topics she enjoyed was that of the Enneagram.

You can click the link to read more about the Enneagram and how it works here: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/how-the-enneagram-system-works

Back then (and this was a couple of years ago), I took the test and found that my result leaned towards the optimistic, spontaneous, extroverted type 7. With all the self reflection I’ve been doing lately, and with all the changes I have experienced- thanks in part to getting older and external elements- I decided I may no longer fit into the number 7. I got curious to see how I might have evolved the past two years, so I took the test again and received my new result in the form of a pie chart, detailing each number 1-9, and each number being represented in the graph, allowing me to see a visual representation of how each number ranks.

You can click this link to read the description of each number: https://www.enneagraminstitute.com/type-descriptions

From least to greatest, this was the line-up:










So, 9 being the least was surprising to me. But, in the past couple of years- isolating myself and being a bit critical of how things around me were shifting- I evolved into a type 1, with a 7 wing. This basically means that based on the answers to the test, I best fit into the 1 personality, accompanied with more 7 traits than the others.


I read this article today as it hit the mainstream news and have never before felt so solid in my individuality and strength and desire to grow in truth and what is right.



Dear School Board President,

Hi. Meet the Reformer. 🙂

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