Goodbye, Cruel World

Today marks the five-year anniversary of Chris Cornell leaving this planet. Like so many around the world, his art and music influenced me throughout my childhood and into my adulthood, and he was one of three celebrities whose death brought me to tears.

The words “goodbye, cruel world” are common and as old as The Holy Bible, yet they are words nobody ever wants to see or express. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about suicide. I haven’t been thinking about killing myself, but generally the idea of ending ones own life. What does this mean- when a person becomes so desperate to stop living that they come to this final decision? It might be an indicator that life was hard- the person didn’t have the means or tools necessary to sustain a manageable lifestyle. It could mean that perhaps people were cruel or actively going out of their way to make life miserable for the person experiencing suicidal ideation. It may be that the expectations the person had of living were too unrealistic and the work to maintain those expectations became too burdensome. Or perhaps the person who ended his or her own life were trying to tell us something. Or they lost two million in Bitcoin.

Or it may be that love actually fails.

Humans only have so much patience, strength, wisdom, and so forth. The world is only so forgiving, beautiful, and accommodating. Tolerance, as I’ve written before (and years ago), is something like a rarity these days- on either side and in any situation.

Alabama’s Governor- who will likely win another term- has claimed to be pro-life to appeal to that group, yet in her campaign ad, pulls a Smith and Wesson out of her purse. She also doesn’t give two fucks about the prison system in our super hot (and getting hotter) state. She also didn’t make a peep when Willie Smith was executed (an event I wrote about months ago.) She also has been pictured in Black Face and made racial comments like “No way, Jose” in regards to immigration. (Meanwhile, majority of our road and agriculture workers have darker skin pigmentation). She heard the criticism from John Oliver regarding love and acceptance of all children, including trans kids, and said she doesn’t care about the “liberal, Hollywood” agenda and that our state aims to raise our children to be the people “God intended them to be.” (I guess this includes the type of person who would wear Black Face and pull a gun out of her purse yet claim to be pro-life.)

Well, I wonder what else is in her purse? (Kyle Whitmire recently asked the same thing in his column on


I have mentioned being raised in the church and I’ve studied scripture, books about scripture, psychology, science, other religions, etc… I should know exactly how I feel about this general topic- loving thy neighbor. Yet, I have never in my life been so baffled… so angry… so desperate. Of all the things I have experienced and all the people I have encountered, the political scum calling the shots in our region are by far the most blatantly cruel and unforgiving hypocrites that I’ve ever read about in my entire life.

These people do not give a shit whether you live or die. These people are actively working to make it MORE difficult to live freely in our day to day lives. These people are encroaching on our basic human rights and freedoms. These people are racist. These people want blood. They don’t care about you or your happiness or how easy they could make it for you to pursue it.

They care about money and authority and the leisure that comes with having the ability to control those things.

Jesus was not a social justice warrior. But had there been bolder people in that day, fighting to preserve pure and honest love, he wouldn’t have been beaten and suffered that unimaginably painful and cruel death in the first place. And you wouldn’t have to dress up to sing about his awesome love and go out to eat afterwards to undertip your server every single week you’re not traveling around.

I, on the other hand, have somehow lived to be 36, even after having survived ten car accidents- and I’ll keep ticking until it is my time. But in the meantime…

goodbye, cruel world.

Brave Alabama Investigative Journalists to follow: Beth Shelburne, Brian Lyman, John Archibald, Eddie Burkhalter, Kyle Whitmire

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