Eight years old.

My S4 is fractured. This makes the third time my lower spine (L1, L2, and L4 previously) has been fractured. The fifth time a rope has snapped and I land on my tail bone or back.

So I know my limitations and am thankful it isn’t worse. The downside- minus the obvious- is that I have missed work and my finances are tighter than they’ve been in a good while. The downside of this thing in particular is that I just happened to have recently been house hunting.

My agent is a friend of mine and former co-worker who can vouch for me in many ways, so I am grateful to her for a number of reasons- but especially for locking me in with a skilled loan officer. Both of them have been very easy to work with, and have made this process almost effortless.

Good news is, we found a house. The location was the obvious selling point for me. I put my back brace on and did a walk through and spoke to both my agent and the seller’s agent at length about the house and the market, etc. We put in an offer that night. They signed the contract the very next morning.

So now, it is pending.

So I, too, am pending.

Where do I see myself in five years?

Enjoying the already existing wheelchair ramp.

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