The Party Continues

I recently listened to many, many new releases from musical artists or bands that I have loved for years, and I am extremely happy about the new stuff. I think it is so awesome to watch artists grow in their craft and continue doing whatever they were clearly born to do.

I also recently discovered a new republic that is landlocked within these kinda United States, called Slowjamastan. There is a Youtube channel featuring videos, including their national anthem, which vaguely reminds me of something Elton John produced. If you have a sense of humor, it is definitely worth checking out.

I have been able to return to work, but the past two days have left me utterly exhausted and in much pain. I had to leave early yesterday and again today because I just couldn’t sit up in a chair anymore without wanting to dramatically collapse in the floor and sob. Picture Scarlett O’Hara.

I think that’s all the writing I’ll do today.

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