Ashley is a storyteller and radio dj. I am Ashley.

(Nobody cares if) I work/ed professionally in the fields of printing, journalism, photography, marketing, as well as healthcare administration and caregiving.

I like writing and making music playlists and I have basically my entire life. 2017 and 2018 were the years that birthed My Open Book and My Radio Show. But these projects are just extensions of the hobbies that have annoyed people for at least thirty years.

My Open Book is an intimate writing project that began several years ago. Always encouraged to write, whether it be daily journaling, poetry, creative writing, or relating to current events & observations, my love of organizing thought through written word and the art of storytelling runs in my blood. My Open Book typically involves personal experience and lessons learned, as well as practical coping skills and encouragement.

My Radio Show is a weekly two hour radio show that airs on an independent radio station, Live 95.5 fm, out of Cullman, Alabama. If you live locally, you should be able to pick up the station, but there is also an option to download a free listening app on your smart phone or device via Apple store or Google Play store. The links to these services are available in the menu thru the My Radio Show link above.

Besides creating written works and sharing music playlists, I enjoy spending time watching live music with my daughter, exercising with my plants and animals, baking, reading true crime novels because I am alive, looking back on the days I did photography and longing to take my camera out of the bag again, and exploring the deep woods aka the Fire Swamp aka the Deep South.

Good grief.



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