Neutral Ground

Before you begin reading what I have to say, please read these articles:

Now that you have definitely clicked and thoroughly read all three articles, let’s begin.

Several years ago, as is documented in this very blog, I was concerned about the growing crevasse that separates those who are educated on issues that care enough to find solutions, and those who create those issues who continuously deny the extreme problems those issues have been- and still are- creating.

I am afraid I reside on (and come from generations old blood that has toiled this) land that allows me to take a front row seat to the madness. I have seen our general population rot away and decay into something I sadly don’t recognize anymore.

Time Magazine published a cover recently relating to gun control. And I knew (and even stated) this (literally) triggers people.

Meanwhile, two pews over… sexual abuse still very much a thing.

I am so tired. I fight to stay awake. My breaths get shorter. I use visual reminders (like butterflies) to inhale deeply.

There is no more neutral ground. There is no more holy ground.