I really just want to get back into anime and baking and staying on top of all of my house chores and stop paying any attention to any current events or politics or affairs taking place in the state of Alabama or the city within it in which I reside, or any other present bullshit.

From Biscayne Bay
to Cascade Peak,
Mama’s tired,
Leave me be.

I have injured my back once again- this time it was a fall- and been resting in bed ever since. This has allowed me limitless time in limited space to evaluate my mentality and interests and goals and so forth.

Is this what prison feels like? To long to go blind to the reality around you in order to survive your internal and external predicaments?

What anguish.

I am putting too much time and energy into matters out of my control and, already knowing this, have determined I want this to be far from me.

Mama needs to heal.

How ’bout you, child?