The Safest Place on Earth

Today, my therapist sent me an exercise in which I describe my safe place. There are specific questions, so my answers are somewhat vivid- but this place is more vivid in my mind. Because I know it very well.

Describe your safe place.

My safe place is a thick, green forest with giant old trees with massive limbs stretching out above me. The forest floor is made of soft moss and grasses and cold, smooth stones. There are Monarch butterflies fluttering through the air. There is a warm atmosphere, sunshine illuminating the leaves, and a gentle breeze. There are toadstools and rabbit holes and nature noises. It smells like the earth- the rich, black soil. It is slightly humid, just enough to get a subtle taste of the air, like a honeysuckle.

What are you doing in your safe place?

I am sitting on the moss ground floor, feeling the texture under my fingertips and feet. I am looking all around me, up to the treetops and down to the ladybugs, just quietly observing.

What is the season and time of day you imagine in your safe place?

In my safe place, the season is summer.
The time of day is early morning, just after awakening.

What is the weather?

The weather condition is sunny and clear with slight humidity and a gentle breeze.

What can you smell?

I can smell the clean, rich soil and the earthy tones from the trees to the foliage.

What are the physical sensations you feel?

I can feel a gentle breeze brushing my hair and face, I feel the soft moss patches on my fingers and toes. I feel warm.

How would you describe your state of mind?

Total calm and peace. It feels like everything is in its right place.

What is the spiritual connection between you and this place?

Life around me flows within me, and my spirit is floating with the life around me. Everything feels innocent.

What do you feel?

I feel very relaxed, safe, reassured. I feel that I don’t have to attempt to change or control anything because everything is already as it should be. I feel like a happy, carefree child.

Describe your safe place in one word:


In other words, I know what all of this feels like. I’ve felt it all before. I’ve been fighting to get it back. I’ve been failing.

Working on it.

Listening to The Trial by The Sadies