Like many pop culture fans who weren’t born yesterday, Wayne’s World was a staple movie in our house growing up. It’s a movie I’ve seen four thousand times and can quote from front to back, annoyingly, without a single prompt. My cousin Valerie used to call me “Way-Wo Ashley” because it was well known that I was borderline obsessed with the movie. Garth was the first majorly popular character I felt I could relate to on all the right levels, but sometimes, when things fell into place and I was very comfortable, I also felt a high level of confidence, comparable to Wayne’s. The movie, based on the even more popular SNL sketch, was so popular that, as is customary when the general population longs for anything nostalgic, people (probably around my age) have attempted to bring Wayne and Garth back to the limelight. (Which mortified/annoyed me… ironically.)

Anyway, there is a scene involving Garth being frozen in front of the camera, and one of their long haired crew friends says, “You ever see that scene in Scanners where that dude’s head blew up?” I had never seen the movie and had no idea what the scene looked like, so I never fully grasped the imagery behind his remark. However, I found the movie tonight as I was perusing (Way-Wo reference for the major GEEKS) through the 1980’s flicks online. I immediately thought of the scene, and Garth, and thought, “Yeah, this is it.”

Having not one clue what Scanners was about, I clicked to play the movie and it began projecting on my big screen. Then I saw the dude’s head blew up, and fully understood what Neil had in mind. Also, I laughed my ass off.

Since I am very much intrigued (and immersed daily) in psychology, I continued watching the film, and I have to say, the premise is super interesting. When I read about the film afterwards, I SCANNED over the stupid critics’ dumb critiquing and read that there was a reassessment of the film which described a counterculture/politically radical hippie situation that acts “as an oblique reflection on what might happen when the counterculture becomes the dominant culture”.

I found this very interesting as we have witnessed so many major changes in the short decade which resembles a similar uprising situation.

What happens when the minority becomes the majority? Apparently, a lot of chaos.

What would happen if we could simply, as the naive say, co-exist? Something to think about, until our heads blow up.